Here’s a brief look into the differences between TotalSDI & Core Strengths.

Customizable VS Plug & Play

TotalSDI is suited for those whom frequently run highly customizable workshops tailored to variable learner needs. The certification and assessments are packaged to be more robust & to better equip you for flexible workshop needs.

Core Strengths
Core Strengths is suited for those who require less customization in their delivery and want an almost turnkey solution. It provides all the fundamentals to run powerful workshops without much fuss.

During Certification

TotalSDI : The facilitation techniques taught in TotalSDI certification are more extensive, it will equip you to suit a wide-range of training needs. You’ll be learning techniques and content throughout the 3 days to better prepare you for various scenarios. Hence, it’s one day longer and more robust.

Core Strengths : Core Strengths certification has lesser content as you’ll have a ready to go model which you can use to administer right from the start. The certification will prepare you with the common workshop requirements you may face. The facilitation techniques taught are well structured and easy to deliver.

Degree of Facilitation 

Simply put if facilitation is the main part of your job & catering to varied needs in team dynamics is something you face regularly (i.e. Leadership Development, Team Development) than TotalSDI might suit you best.

Core Strengths
If facilitation is not your bread & butter and you regularly face the same requirements for the learners (i.e. employees) you develop and have a generally fixed agenda then Core Strengths would be for you.

Application Differences

TotalSDI : Certified TotalSDI facilitators have access to all 8 assessments. The 5 added assessments are for Performance Expectations, Role Clarification and 360 Feedback. These assessments will power all types of training & coaching needs.

Core Strengths : Certified CSA facilitators have access to 3 of our hallmark instruments along with a “plug & play” workshop known as Core Strengths Accountability for Individual Contributors & Team Effectiveness. CSA facilitators can get into training with no fuss.