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Core Strengths is Based on Our Award-Winning Assessment—The Strength Deployment Inventory 2.0 (SDI).

The SDI 2.0, is a strengths based self-assessment taken by more than 3 million people in over 40 countries, plays a central role in the Core Strengths program — by measuring what motivates our behavior when things are going well, and how those motives change when we encounter conflict or opposition.

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A Longstanding Commitment to Excellence
Core Strengths collaborates with organizations worldwide, across industries, equipping people and teams to achieve exceptional performance

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For 46 years we’ve taught teams how to improve performance, break through conflict, and transform their culture.

Partnerships with 90+ Fortune 100 companies
3 Million+ completed SDI assessments globally
A global network of 6000+ SDI Certified facilitators
Backed by 40+ years of research
Over 20 years of “on the ground” experience in Singapore
Assessments available in 28 languages


I no longer feel like I’m guessing or winging it when it comes to managing my team to work better together. Core Strengths gave me a blueprint for how to communicate and engage each person, knowing what matters to them. I delegate more strategically and get better work in return because of it. My team feels more invested and even offer up new ideas and solutions we hadn’t considered before. I’m getting the best work out of my team now—because I know how to.


Core Strengths is foundational to our leadership development programs. Our managers are excited by what they learn, and are eager to use the tools and resources. The improvement in working relationships and communication has led to increased accountability, collaboration and innovation. As a result, our sessions are always over-subscribed, with entire divisions asking for sessions dedicated exclusively to their teams.

Tim Perlick, Sr. Director, Professional Development, CME Group (Chicago Mercantile Exchange), CME Group

Core Strengths has made a difference in our organization. Managers are using strength-based skills in their coaching conversations, and reporting they are more effective than ever before.

Jonathan McGrael, Sales Director, Arbor Pharmaceuticals

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