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Deliver Results Through Effective Relationships

Attend a Core Strengths Workshop to Learn the How of Working Better Together.

It’s a big promise, but we mean it — and we have 46 years of results to back it. Those results include more than three million people across thousands of organisations, who work with more purpose, satisfaction, and success because of Core Strengths.

Why it’s unique

Core Strengths training is highly dynamic and is designed for today’s diverse work environment. It focuses on recognising individual differences and to navigate relationships that are going well & when in conflict. It trains interpersonal skills that will teach us to appreciate differences, leverage strengths, build productive relationships and get more done. It’s a model that is easy to comprehend, intuitive and one which people can leverage on immediately.

“This program has increased communication, self-awareness, and the frequency of feedback within our organization. The tools and resources provide a framework and common language for which individuals and teams can easily learn and use comfortably with one another. They also spark curiosity as to the motives behind the behaviors of others, which is more constructive than making assumptions about the behavior of others without deeper examination. I’ve personally seen it expand perspectives, open minds and drive crucial conversations, which has strengthened the effectiveness of our workforce.”

Julie Jennings Kale , Vice President, People & Safety GEI Consultants, Inc.

Core Strengths delivers huge payoff—maximum ROI.

Strong working relationships is the foundation of an engaged and productive workforce. Core Strengths training transforms the way people work together at the individual & collective level.

What you’ll learn:

In this action-oriented program, you’ll discover how to:

Develop the skill of collaborative communication.

Build stronger commitments and responsibility between people.

Increase your ability to engage in productive opposition and better decision making.

Understand, accept, and have appreciation of relationship intelligence.

Gain personal authenticity.

Increase personal accountability for producing results through relationships.

How you’ll learn:

The Core Strengths program helps you transform powerful new concepts into swift, effective action by learning how to:

Assess Motives

when the stakes are high – we need to be clear about the results we want, as well as to understand how to productively handle opposition and conflict.

Borrow the Right Strength

since it is all about using the right tool for the job – we need to deploy the right strengths (behaviors) while managing our weaknesses (overdone strengths) to give maximum effort.

Communicate in the Right Style

we need to leverage the power of a common collaborative language to communicate in a way that other people can understand.


Core Strengths is customisable to your culture & can be the foundation for various trainings such as:

Discover the HOW of Working Better Together

Attend a Core Strengths: Results through Relationships Workshop to learn how to build a culture of collaborative communication.

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